What do you do when as a writer you have nothing to write about?
Well, I’m in a situation where I want to write but I can’t because I have nothing to write about.
So here I am, staring into space. And it feels like my mind is blocked by a thick foam, I can’t seem to think of anything to write about.
{Rolling my eyes} God helps me.
Well, since I have nothing to talk about, I’ll just blab about my niece and nephews.
Okay, here it goes.
I love these kids {my niece and nephews}, I won’t lie.
The smallest is the cutest. He comes to me when he needs someone to accompany him. Now, he knows I’m the only one that’ll gladly go with him so whenever he needs to go somewhere especially at night, he comes to me and says “aunty fero… sollow me”.
Lol, but ain’t that cute. No one in their right mind can refuse a request like that. With his cute voice and cute eyes, I always “sollow” him.
As aunties, we have responsibilities to care and look after our young ones. We are also being prepared for a time when we’ll have our own kids. Bathing, feeding, dressing and every other thing are prerequisites to raising a child. This will be easy for us to do because we’ve had constant practice with the nieces and nephews.
Let’s take these responsibilities seriously. There are times when we’ll have to miss an engagement cause the little ones will need us. Us being there for them no matter what shows them we love them. In return, they show their love for us.
And trust me, a Childs love is the purest, most real love anyone can have.

So I actually wrote about something. Hallelujah!