A new dawn, a new day, a blessed morning and a blessed day. I woke up, I prayed, my God and I gisted for a bit, told him that I’ll talk to him later and then I skedaddled. It was a Saturday. A few days after the incident with the men in uniform. I was taking a trip to Gwagwalada.

Gwagwalada is a town that’s part of the city of Abuja but it’s in the outskirts of Abuja. It takes about an hour or maybe forty- five minutes to get there, depending on how free the road is. On this day, I wasn’t prepared to stress myself by entering normally painted taxis. The reason is I’ll be squished together by different people of different body odors in a small cab meant for 4 people but will probably carry 5 people. I wasn’t prepared for that.

So, I made my way to area 1 park where more comfortable vehicles are located called El- Ruffai. I got to the park and entered the next vehicle ready to be boarded. I made myself comfortable and decided to read a novel on my phone to kill away time.

And I killed a lot of it.

I killed about 1 to 2 hours reading a novel. Now, it’s not like there was anything wrong with the vehicle oh. It’s just that people decided not to make their way to this particular side of town, specifically the park. And I don’t know why. While I killed time, about 2 people had given up waiting and left. So I was left with just 2 people in a vehicle made for 11 passengers.

I was confused.

I didn’t know whether to give up too on waiting and then leave to look for another vehicle outside the park or whether I should be a little bit more patient. I decided to be patient. ‘Cause you know patience is a virtue.
Anywho, God decided to shine his love on me. The conductor came apologizing to me not the rest of the 2 people in the vehicle cause they hadn’t waited long, telling me there is a smaller vehicle available that we’ll go to the roundabout to pick passengers from there. In fact, I was almost treated to having the front seat in the vehicle, but some dude from where I don’t know took the seat before I could. I didn’t say anything, I just went with the flow.
Anyway, we made our way to Gwagwalada. I did what I needed to do, that is visiting my sister and her family. Made curry sauce as a visiting gift to them, had some fun with my niece and nephews, and then left for home.

My trip home was good cause I met an old school mate. We weren’t mates per se cause I was a year ahead of her. So we greeted but we couldn’t talk because I sat ahead of her while she was at the back. I didn’t mind because we could still get in touch if we wanted to. We are friends on Instagram.

The vehicle got to Dantata Bridge. I got down along with some people, took about 3 steps forward and I stopped immediately. I was speechless and had mixed emotions because of what I was seeing. A body lying in the gutter, face down on his stomach. He looked like he was arranged to look like he was sleeping because his hands were folded beneath his head, you know like to pillow his head.

A lady in front of me was kind’ a in a hurry, so when she was about to cross the gutter she stopped immediately. And I could see that she wasn’t sure whether to cross it or to go further to do so. I watched her while she thought about it for like five seconds, but then she made up her mind and just crossed the gutter.

I on the other hand with my curiosity stood there staring at the corpse. I’ve only seen a corpse once in close view. At that time, I was sick and the man that died was lying in his bed a few feet away from me. Suddenly he began to convulse and before one could say 1+1, he was dead. Well, that’s a story for another day.

So here I was, staring at the corpse wondering if he was dead or whether he was sleeping. But I mean can a sane man decide to sleep in a gutter? There was a small field nearby where he could have slept if he wanted to. Or he could have just waited to get home. But since that wasn’t the case, then he was dead. I lifted my eyes and caught the lady staring at me. She was probably wondering what I was doing, or trying to do or what I was going to do. I decided to keep moving before she’ll think I’m some kind of freak.

It’s really sad because the family to that corpse might probably be looking for him. And maybe he was killed for some stupid reason, like, his phone, or the money he had on him, who knows. But whatever it was, it’s not a good enough reason for him to be killed.

Let’s all try to be careful. This is ember month, people are looking for ways to get money. It isn’t safe. Please be careful.

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