I just couldn’t keep my eyes opened.

18th of March 2018 I’m in church and about to doze off. I mean what the hell? How?

Few hours before church service

I woke up and the first thing that came to my mind apart from getting ready for church was my quiet time. In case you don’t know what quiet time means I’ll explain it to you? Don’t worry I have time, it’s very simple.
Okay (clears throat). Quiet time means spending quality time with God. It’s a moment of being quiet and using that quietness to hear from God. This is done by reading his word (the Bible) and by praying. Trust me when you have your quiet time and you commit your day into his hands, things that the devil have already planned for you will be avoided. Like you’ll be wondering how stuff will just begin to work out for you. And even though your day ends up being terrible, the truth is it could have been worse. But because you committed your day into God’s hands it wasn’t as worse as it was meant to be.

So yeah my quiet time was in my head so I had it, and it was amazing. I read from Exodus chapter 20. About one of the commandments of God, It says “Thou shalt have no other God before me”.
You see people keep wondering why God will make such a commandment. Well, I’ll tell you why; God the creator of the universe is a jealous God. Remember God has feelings; he gets happy, sad, excited, and proud of his children when they do well and obey him and so on. So it’s no surprise that he should be jealous too. I mean he created us so why should we use our hands to create an object and call it our god?

So yeah God is a jealous God. As long as we chose to worship him, we are to worship him alone. Now some of us have turned some of the things in our lives into our god. These things are; phones, Ipads, friends, boyfriends and so on. The thing is anything that is more important to you than God himself has automatically become your god.
But don’t worry there’s a way to fix it. Just dump the boyfriend, burn your phone, dash out your Ipad to a beggar.
Calm down, I’m just kidding.
Okay seriously, what you can do is ask God for forgiveness for putting other things ahead of him and then ask for his help. He’ll help you.

Remember, worship no other god apart from God, he is a jealous God.