Mehn…. I’ll just be real with you guys. This corona thing has humbled the world. The richest of men have cast down their swords, kings have laid down their crowns, egotistical men have bowed down their heads in submission, and rulers have turned to lowly scientists with the greatest of minds.
It’s like God just said enough is enough. Everyone should stay inside and think about their lives. And then, boom! Coronavirus.
I remember in the 90’s life was simple and easy.
I was a tomboy at that time so going out with short knickers to play ball with the boys or ride my bike with my friends was what I did. Now the short knickers aren’t the shorts ladies of this generation are wearing where their butts are hanging out. No, they were decent shorts that reached my knee, making me presentable in a boyish way.
Laughter and togetherness were in the air.
Friends of mixed religion, color, and tribes flowed through the streets of my estate.
It was a wonderful time.
So back to the corona.
Yes, it is quite awful to not be able to live life the way we want right now because we can’t get along with our business, go out to visit friends, go to church or the mosque, or maybe to just hang out in the park.
But if we look at this closely, we’ll see that something good has come out of this terrible thing.
Daddy’s are home with their kids.
The street is free, allowing fresh air to move freely.
Businesses can finally rest.
In fact, the world can rest.
I’m sure God was like even on the day, the only day that man is meant to rest, is a day where man is actually going to work.
He had had enough.
But on a serious note.
This is a time for everyone to come together to pray.
It’s the only suggestion I have.
We have been so busy, we don’t even have time for our family and friends to talk to any more talk more of God.
Our relationship with him is standing on a ledge where if we aren’t careful can fall off and end up not getting saved.
So let’s use this time to know our family.
Use this time to love our family
Use this time to know ourselves
And use this time to know God.