As per my usual routine, I woke up, but I didn’t pray. Wait…. Did I pray? I think I did. Yeah, I did {probably} Anyway, it was a day to kayak. Apparently, Kayak according to Cambridge dictionary means; “a light narrow canoe with a covering over the top    


So on this Kayak day, it was to take place in Abuja. Somewhere around the stadium. It’s not easy to describe but if any of you want to know how to get there, dm me on my Instagram page at @gracefiction and I’ll help you out. It’s truly a fun place to be, like truly.

So, on this day, I took an Uber from Games village because I wasn’t sure of the place. It’s my first time. We got there. The Uber guy and I, and he too became confused because the place said Kayak but there was no Kayak or even a river to Kayak.

And so our conversation began.

Uber driver: Is this the place?

 Me: I don’t know, it’s my first time.

The Uber driver began to drive slowly, he had no clue on what to do.

Me: let’s just go over there {I pointed to a spot where cars were parked}

 Kids were playing all sorts of sports. Loud music was in the air along with laughter and a good vibe of energy. The Uber driver dropped me, I paid him after he had ended the trip and then I began to walk with a purpose like I knew exactly where I was going but on the contrary, I had no idea.

Immediately the driver drove off, I looked for a spot to sit and wait.


I was waiting cause I hadn’t seen any of my friends. I was there for a while when one came and joined me. The two of us waited, and waited, and waited. Suddenly on our group chat, I saw a pic was posted. It was a pic of one of us at the Kayak location. And I was like whaaaat! Where the heck am I?

I called the person that posted the pic. I needed some info on what was happening. Here’s how our conversation went.

Me: you guys are there?

Person: yes, where are you?

Me: I’m somewhere at the stadium, not the main stadium. Kids are playing sports and all.

Person: Ah! {The person is Yoruba} how do I describe it to you? Wait someone can be of better help than me.

The person then passed the phone to someone for me to talk to. And another round of conversation began.


New person: Gracie, how far? Where are you?

Me: somewhere around the stadium where kids are playing sports.

New person: okay, I’ll try to locate you.


We disconnected. And then I waited or we waited. 3 minutes later, I got a call. As per usual, our conversation began.


New person: where exactly are you?

As I couldn’t give a definite description, I stuck to what I knew.

Me: well I’m close to the stadium where indoor games are played. Like volleyball, basketball and the rest. It’s like a huge, enormous tent.

New person: Okay, let keep trying.

We disconnected.

I was beginning to get scared. What if I don’t get found. What if I end up not getting to the location and everyone has fun except me. I can’t come out all dressed and ready to Kayak and then go back home with nothing. Apart from that, there will be food and lots of drinks. Games would be played too, I can’t miss out.

I didn’t want to panic but I think I was beginning to get into the first stage of hyperventilating which is to panic. So there you go, I was getting there.

But then I said to myself, I said, “self, you are educated. You read a lot. You’ve read about survival skills. When lost, what do I do? I stay at a certain place without moving right? And then get my facts and descriptions right. But since I can’t get my facts and descriptions right, I’ll move to the next best thing. Google map. Now this is where technology comes in handy. I wonder why I didn’t think about it in the first place.

I then called and told the person I’ll send my current location through google map. The person loved the idea, wondering why we didn’t think of it in the first place.

I sent my location. And then like magic the person arrived.

It was relieving.

We drove to where all our friends were and to my surprise, it wasn’t far at all. It was a walking distance {rolls eyes}

I greeted my friends, settled down, and got ready to have fun.


As we all chilled on our mats, drinking water because the weather was hot and dry, one of us spoke.

One of us: okay, so let’s begin by praying so that we that are here can get into the water. Then for those still on their way, they’ll be playing some games once they arrive so they don’t get bored. Once we are done kayaking, they will go next, getting into the water.

We agreed. But all I could think about was imagining getting into the water and then my Kayak tilts over, making me fall right into the water and I can’t freaking swim. Mehnnnn….. I was having second thoughts oh. Like real-life second thoughts.

I couldn’t get into the water!

“Gracie, are you okay?” someone asked.

Me: I can’t get into the water.

Person that asked: Why?

Me: Cause I can’t swim.

Person that asked: Me too.

My mouth snapped shut.

Then I opened it again: Well… I’m scared.

The person busted into laughter: Me too.

Well, what else could I say? I had to get into the water. For my own sake. I mean I’ll be able to tell my kids that I once kayaked. It’ll be a great story to tell.

So we went into the water in our Kayaks. And I was freaking out. Like literally freaking out. But I tried to hide it. One thing about this Kayak is when on water, little currents passing through the water moves it. So it feels like one is about tilt over. But as long as you maintain balance all is well. Well, that’s my theory though because it’s what I did and it worked.


Another scary part is when some other Kayaker, comes and hits your Kayak with theirs. It’s scary as shit. I thought I was going to fall into the water and drown. I was already saying my last prayers and asking God to forgive me so I’ll be in heaven. But obviously, that didn’t happen.


Again, I thought of something that made me a bit skeptical about not being in the kayak. And that is my phone. Even though it’s a Samsung s8 that is water-resistant and all. I still didn’t want to take the chance of it falling into the water. I mean what if never gets found. And don’t ask why I had to take my phone with me on the kayak. I had to. If not, you guys won’t be seeing the vids and pictures I’ve been posting.

Anyway, we came out of the water, played games, ate food which involved roasted chicken and some macaroni salad, took some drinks, and then we prayed and left for our various homes. Or wherever we needed to be at 2:00pm on a Saturday.

All in all, it was an amazing experience.