Standing on the mountain, taking in the view like I’m a ruling queen in her majestic kingdom. I looked below seeing everything smaller than it’s meant to be. I asked myself, “self, why in the freaking world did you climb this mountain, now you can’t get down?”

Rewind to the beginning of my day and how it started.

I woke up feeling grumpy and totally not myself, reason; I slept miserably. I can’t get into details but my sleep was bad. So… I woke up and the first thing that popped into my head was hiking. My gosh I really, really didn’t want to go but I felt that I should. I was meant to hike with a group of people (friends from my church) So I prepared and went to our meeting point.

When I got there, I counted the number of people available, it was discouraging. About twenty of us were meant to go on the trip but we turned out to be just twelve, twelve! can you imagine?(eye roll).

Anyway, I refused to let the number kill my spirit, making me more miserable than I already was. So I put on a fake happy smile, made myself crack little, stupid jokes that made everyone laugh. Sometimes it worked (making people laugh)  sometimes I looked like a fool. But I brushed that away and threaded on.

Finally, we got to the village. Now permit me to say I forgot to take lots of pictures cause if you’ll remember I was busy cracking jokes, it totally slipped my mind.

The name of the village starts from the letter D and ends with the letter I. Okay, okay, I can’t remember the name. “Chai! Gracie na so person go kidnap you, you no even know the place way you go”  But wait don’t judge me yet, In my defense, it’s a confusing name, like very confusing.

So we arrived and we began our journey. goal; climbing the mountain. See ba, the journey to the mountain was another mountain of its own. If I’m not mistaken, we like walked for twenty minutes before we got to the mountain. We were even panting like Bolt running a marathon and we had not even climbed the mountain yet. In my mind, I was like, if I’m like this now ( panting) how will I be when I climb the mountain? Can I even climb this mountain?

You see, climbing a mountain is strenuous, like very strenuous. It’s a typical example of the Christian race. There are ups and downs, rocks to step on to keep your feet planted, this rock that we are stepping on is our Lord Jesus Christ supporting us on our mountain climb. When we finally reach the top, Jesus rejoices with us. We are termed victorious because we conquered our mountain.

What mountain do you have to climb? How far can you climb? Are you determined to climb?

Well, I climbed my mountain today, it wasn’t easy but I did it. The sun was scorching hot just like an oven, branches hit and scratched every part of my body and grasses fell into my funky afro hair. But at the end, it was worth it.

I climbed up and I got down. And do you know coming down is actually easier than climbing?

Like I said before, what mountain do you have that you need to climb?

It could be defeating bad habits, completing important goals, whatever it may be, do it.

Don’t waste any time, climb your mountain today.