So my day started in its usual form. I woke up, thanked the God of heaven and earth for giving me life, spoke a little bit more to him, ended our conversation with an Amen, and then began the process of getting ready for work.

 I’m a teacher, so I work in a nursery and primary school. All went well during my time at work but the good favor in my day came to an abrupt halt by a group of people that think they are actually in authority because of the uniform they wear.

  Seeing as its ember month, everyone is trying to look for quick and easy ways to earn money no matter how illegal it might be. So these good friends of mine decided they would do just that.

  On this special day, I was on “bus duty” This means it was my turn to pick kids from school and then drop them at home after school with the school bus driver driving of course. We were done dropping the kids and I was exhausted. We got to Galadimawa roundabout in Abuja to see an outstretched arm of a man in uniform. I won’t mention the uniform but don’t worry, you guys will know who am talking about at the end of my story. Being good citizens of our great country Nigeria, we obeyed and parked our car. The first question that came out of his mouth was; where is your speed limit certificate? The driver and I looked at each other. It was like we were hearing a different language, one we did not understand.

The driver said, “ sorry, what did you say?”

Man in uniform repeated, “ I said where is your speed limit certificate”

It was then I knew the devil was out to make me mad.

I mean I know my day has been fully committed to God so I wasn’t expecting the devil to just show his ugly head by using the man in uniform to piss me off. But I told myself to calm down. And I did just that.

 I allowed the man in uniform and the driver to talk for a while but it looked like the man in uniform was adamant. From his behavior, I could tell it was something that was agreed upon between himself and his co-workers{ i might be wrong sha} Something they knew most people won’t have, something that wasn’t legally approved by the government announcing that each vehicle should have a speed limit certificate. I mean is it a course one goes to study in school?

 Anyway, I was tired and hungry so I just called my Oga and told him the wahala we were in. According to Oga, there was nothing like a speed limit certificate except we missed an announcement saying we should get one or that there is one. But again, when the speed limit was fixed on the bus, there was nothing like a certificate.

  At the end of the day, I was getting pissed and I didn’t want a man in uniform to ruin my day. So I listened to the child of God in me and jejely excused myself telling the driver I was heading home. The man in uniform wasn’t expecting that. He was like, you’re leaving him here? I was like yes. I mean I can’t come and kee myself.

I then asked the man in uniform, “do you want me to follow you to your office, cause obviously, it’s where the bus will be taken next?”

He was like, “No oh, ah! He can’t tell me where to go or what to do”

I stared at the man for a bit and decided to just leave him for God. It’s sad, but truly, getting money the wrong way doesn’t help. That money ends up not leading to any profit but instead, it gets wasted over nothing.

 Although I was pissed at the dude. I decided to forgive him and then headed home. Later that evening, I got in touch with the driver asking how it all ended. His answer was, “ he was held there for a while, the bus key was collected from him and then they all left him there for him to wait for what he doesn’t know”

I began to get pissed again, but I remembered I was a Christian. He then said that after all the talk they talked with our Oga{ cause our Oga had to go down to the office} the men in uniform directed our Oga to a cyber café nearby to pay four thousand naira for speed limit certificate.

To be honest, it makes no sense. Because Oga asked for their bank name and account details so he could go to the bank and pay but these dudes refused. Now tell me, isn’t there something shady about that?

Anyway, we all will be judged for our actions on earth by God almighty when we finally meet judgment day. But correct me if I am wrong, with all that I’ve said, is there anything like speed limit certificate? And if there is, comment down below with your answer and share this little story so people will know and head over to the men in uniform’s office to get their speed limit certificate.