Woke up this morning to a disturbing pain in my tummy. Took a moment to figure out what pain it was. You know as a woman, we go through various pains especially one that involves the tummy. So needed to find out what pain it was before taking the medication for it. And I did figure it out. It was Ulcer pain.

I’ve had an ulcer since I was 16 years old. It went away a few years after that but then it came back. So this morning, immediately I realized it was an ulcer pain, I quickly got up and got myself some Antacid before it’ll get worse. ‘cause once it does, I won’t be able to eat, sleep, drink water, or even move about because I’ll be in so much pain.

My parents knew I was having such pain at the moment cause the medicine was in their room. So I went there to get it. An hour later, my dad came to my room asking how I was doing. I was feeling okay, but the pain hadn’t subsided totally. My mum later came in asking how I was and I told her the same thing.

It was bright and early so I decided to get up from bed to eat. I wanted to go to the saloon today but I can’t cause I need to be okay. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow.
Guys, good health is wealth. Always be grateful for being in good health.

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