So, I’m sure most of you my friends, family and book lovers have gone through my site; and you’re wondering, who in the world is this gal, coming out selling some books none of us know about. Well since you guys don’t really know me and you’re scared of buying my books I’ve decided to give out one of my short stories for free. Free oh, tor.

So here’s the deal, you read, and then you make a comment, and you’ll automatically get any of my books sold online on my website for free, but the next chapter you’ll want to buy, (and I asure you, you’ll want to buy) the next chapter yo’ll have to buy them.

Hey, I’ve tried na.

So common, go ahead and read. share with your family and friends.


-Go to my Instagram page.(gracefiction)

-Follow me.

– Like my second picture containing my three book series; Fola, Ada, and Becky.

– Repost on Instagram with the hashtag #gracefiction.

The individual with the highest number of likes will get a free book, “the rebel” for free on my website.


I’ll contact the winner in five days, five days oh.

So spread the word.

And read.