“Hmm, pastor. Do you know that Mrs. Okeke’s daughter has turned to something else? I heard she has started sleeping with men for money, and she is just seventeen. Can you imagine? Hm, I even heard that ehnn she is not only doing that but that….”

“Stop there,” said pastor Toju sounding pissed. Miss Tinu stopped talking as she looked at the pastor

“Are you for real right now?” he asked looking pissed

“Ah, my pastor I’m very serious oh. Hm, you didn’t know? Hm that girl, I don’t even under…”

“Keep that mouth shut” he commanded

“Ehn? What..Me?” she asked looking perplexed

“You came to my office to gossip with me. Miss Tinu are you okay?” he asked, he was looking really pissed right now.

“My pastor it’s not like that na, ehnn I’m just trying to keep you updated that’s all”

“Updated,” he said

“Yes” she replied

“Updated,” he repeated

“Yes pastor,” she said

“Miss Tinu you need to change. This gossiping will not take you anywhere. You’re in your forties and you’re still a spinster. Instead of you to be fasting and praying for God to give you a husband, You’re here gossiping”

“But pastor,” she said looking downcast.

“Don’t pastor me,” said the pastor sternly, “I can’t believe this, she came into my office to gossip with me. me” continued the pastor unbelievably.

“I’ll just leave now pastor. Maybe I’ll come back later when you’ve calmed down” then she got up quickly and walked out of his office.

Pastor Toju stared at her as she left. The only thing he could say was, “unbelievable”

Miss Tinu walked as quickly as she could. She was ashamed and embarrassed at what she had done. She couldn’t believe she actually did it.

“Chai! I have to change church now oh. This pastor will definitely tell everyone what I’ve done”