I’m the kind of girl that doesn’t bother about how I look. I dress to be comfortable. Heels aren’t my specialty. When the weather is hot, dusty and dry just like now, I prefer to wear sandals to work and not heels.
I’m a teacher. So while I’m at work I want to be as comfortable as possible while I teach and attend to my kids.
So as usual, today, I dressed in a very simple way. To top it off, I’m on the bus schedule for this afternoon. It’s hot, dry, and dusty plus I’m a bit down with malaria. So I wasn’t my usual self.
Anyway, a kid was wasting time in class still copying notes and the bus was running late to drop off the other kids. I decided to go in to hasten the kid. After all the talk I could give to help the kid work fast, he was almost done. And I was glad cause that meant I’ll be able to get home on time, eat, and rest.
As the kid was getting his stuff to put into his school bag, another kid pushed a little girl aggressively to the ground. This little girl almost hit her head and men was I riled up. I wanted to give that boy a piece of my mind.
He was all rude and feeling like a G so I sent him out of the class. But before he went I said “is your name written on the school desk for you to claim it to be yours?” and to my amazement, the boy answered with a “Yes”
I really wanted to give him a backhand, like I really wanted to. But I remembered the Christian spirit in me. He left the class to head for his home. Other kids around were asking the girl he pushed if she was okay, some were telling her sorry. I, on the other hand, was just pissed.
Anyway, I got home to meet my mum getting ready to head out. I told her what happened to me. She looked at the way I was dressed and was like “why wouldn’t he be rude when you are dressed like that?”
*Sigh. I really should begin to dress well.
Oh! By the way, the boy’s name is Dickson, lol maybe he’s complying to his name, you know cause he behaved like a D***