“To detect, perceive, recognize…” the definition of Discern goes on. If I haven’t made it clear, I’m a Christian and the stuff I usually blog about has to do with Christianity. I mean if “we” don’t tell them about God, who will?

Anyway, so I started this blog by defining the meaning of Discern. It’s a Spirit that I think every human on earth should have. Being able to detect and decide between the good and the bad is something really cool to be able to do.

In Hebrews chapter 5: 14 it says (and I’ll be using the Amplified Version of the Bible) “But solid food is for the {spiritually} mature, whose senses are trained by practice to distinguish between what is morally good and what is evil”.

Now let’s look at the word “spiritually mature”

For a baby, food given to that infant are mostly liquid and very soft food. You can’t just boil yam with peppered fish stew and give the infant to eat, it’s not done anywhere. Instead, you begin with soft food. This constant soft food given to the infant enables the infant to grow. As the infant grows, he grows into eating mature foods.

Now the same applies to “spiritually mature”

As a Christian once we have given our lives to Christ, we read his word, pray as much as we can, fellowship with other brethren of the church which is the normal norm. But is this enough?

Having a discerning spirit doesn’t come by magic. It takes growth.

Growing in Christ is important. Reason is we have to be spiritually matured to be able to have this discerning spirit. You may ask how one can become spiritually matured. Well it’s simple.

  1. Read, study and meditate on God’s word: let God take the wheel. Allow him to reveal to you what he intends to reveal to you.  Because his word for you is meant for just you. He knows where you are going to be in the next few years. So let him lead you, let him guide you, let him be the one to tell you what he wants you to do. As you read, study and meditate on his word you get to know God a lot better. You’ll also notice that you’ll be able to detect when it is him talking to you or advising you. So yeah, find time to know God through his word.
  2. Pray: this is something every Christian should do. Pray. Don’t just pray in the morning when you wake up or at night when you’re about to sleep. No, pray at any given opportunity. Pray when you’re washing your car, taking a walk, cleaning your kitchen or maybe even taking a dump. Just pray. Prayer can be done anytime and anywhere. It is you and God that is talking, you don’t need to ask for permission before you can talk to him. So pray when you can.

The more you do all these the more you realize you’re able to detect, perceive and even recognize what others can’t. This is because Gods spirit is now living in you. Showing you things, telling you things, helping you to recognize things.

A discerning spirit is so cool it can lead you to your purpose in life. The assignment to which God has created you for you’ll be able to know having a discerning spirit {having God’s spirit in you}.

So my friends if you want this cool spirit that I’ve told you about, talk to God, read his word and in the process ask for this spirit. He’ll definitely give you if you prove that you want to live for him and only for him.