They came out looking fly in their different cultural attires. I, on the other hand, had turned into a photographer/ camerawoman. Taking pictures and videos of various presentations by going down on my haunches. From drama to a poem, to dancing competition of both kids and parents, a mascot called Tomzy, Father Christmas {Santa clause} and the likes.
It was a fun day.


The sun was blazing hot, the weather was dry and dusty and I was having a running nose with a headache to accompany it. But I wouldn’t let that deter me, I was focused and determined to bring out the best in a day’s event meant for the kids and their parents, and even though I was uncomfortable and tired, I had tons of fun.

So here’s how my day started.

I woke up. Won’t lie because honesty is quite important to me so I’ll just confess by saying I didn’t talk to God. But I did speak to him later during the day, kind’ a.

Anyway. I was a bit confused. The reason is I was on “bus duty” but the picking up of kids was a bit complicated. We needed to get them to school in Lughe at 9:00 am but we had kids in Games village, an apartment around Dubai market just outside Games village, Galadimawa, Lugbe, and River park to pick up. Apart from picking the kids, the refreshments which were prepared at the residence of the school proprietress needed to be transported to the venue of the celebration. So I had no inkling on what to do.

I decided to speak to the proprietress. I mean she would have an idea of what could spur us on to getting our butts moving into action.

And she did.

Well, with that catered for, I began my trip or rather, we began our trip, the driver and I. The trip was uneventful. Except for the kids that couldn’t stop yammering from the beginning of our trip up to the end {shakes head} but anyway, the life of a teacher right?

We got to the school. The event began. And the kids loved it.

There was singing, blowing of the flute also known as a recorder, drama, dance, and so many fun things. My best part was where kids were running away or even worse crying just because Santa clause { father Christmas} was making his way giving candies to them. I really couldn’t stop laughing. It’s probably why I didn’t remember to take a picture or even a short video on it. But it’s all good though.

But as usual, the devil snuck upon us. We were in Galadimawa dropping of a student when a scary, rowdy, clanging, cringing noise came out of nowhere. I say nowhere cause it just came suddenly. The driver looked at me as if I was the cause of the noise, I looked at him as if he was the one that taught me mechanics stuff. And so our conversation began like this;

Me: watin be that?
Driver: I no know oh.

The bus that was loud with a bunch of yammering kids suddenly stopped.

The driver had slowed down the bus immediately he heard the noise but then moved it forward a bit. We heard nothing. Well, we thought it was just a false alarm so we continued to move. We dropped the kid and turned around to head out of Galadimawa, going to our next stop which is Games – village. But the noise came back in full force. Then one of the tires was having a mind of its own by refusing to roll. I looked at the driver again, he looked at me and said one word.


Now this name sounds like a Doris to me but whatever, I ain’t a mechanic and I know nothing about vehicles so I just behaved as if I knew what he was talking about.

He parked the bus.
We were motionless and stuck.
The weather was hot.
The kids were tired.
I was tired and I needed to figure out a way to get them all home.
So. We did the next best thing. We got a cab.

For those of you in Abuja, if you know Galadimawa well you’ll know that a trip from somewhere close to the primary school to Games village shouldn’t cost anything more than 700 naira. But in this case, it cost more.

We dropped a kid close to Games village first, then entered Games village and dropped another kid, this is after we had squeezed ourselves in the cab like sardines. And then we dropped the last of the kids.
Guess what the driver took from me? He took 1500 naira.
Yes I know, crazy. But I was sooooo tired, I tried arguing with him or negotiating but he was having none of it. So I just gave up and gave him the money. Wasn’t too bothered cause I knew that money won’t go very far cause he didn’t get it the right way.

Whelp! I got home, I ate, took a shower and reminisced about my day.
All in all, it wasn’t a bad day,
So, I smiled.