Last time, I shared an experience of my time with the men in uniform. But do you know something good came out of it? {Clears throat and getting comfortable} let me tell you what happened.
While I was on the bus, I had just fifty naira on me. Now, I’ll just say God works in wonderful ways. Normally when I’m on bus duty I don’t carry any cash. Wrong of me I know, but the bus driver usually drops me close to home, a trek-able distance for me to get home quick so I really don’t have to take a cab or anything. Although my day had turned sour, I was about to experience something that will turn a bad thing to a good thing.
So, remember I got down from the bus, telling the driver I was leaving him to sort everything out. While I did so, I began to thank God that I had fifty naira on me. The fifty naira is the exact amount I need to get home. Usually , I’ll use Keke but seeing as the government has stopped Keke’s from roaming town, putting an end to an easy and fast way of transportation for workers like us, and also putting an end to the upkeep of families, because believe it or not most Keke drivers use their jobs to feed and take care of their family. Now that Keke’s are no longer allowed to move about, watch what will happen. My prediction is, crimes will increase, kidnappings, robbery, pickpocketing, etc. I’m not like laying a curse on the great city of Abuja but it’s just something that can probably happen. I mean, things are already hard and expensive in Abuja, now this? How does the government expect people to survive?
Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Once I got down and began to make my way to go across the roundabout, the long busses the government has spread around in some areas in Abuja came to me. It’s like God directed the bus to me. Whelp! Since Keke’s are hard to find, I made up my mind to get in. Now I wasn’t sure how much it was I just hoped that what I had would be enough.
So, I got in and then sat on the first available seat which was in the front. Now, we know the size of this bus is long and big. But seriously, this bus is fine. Like the chairs are nice and comfy, lots of clean fresh air flow in freely and surprisingly enough, the conductor which was a woman was holding a P.O.S. I mean P.O.S! That’s amazing. So if the money on me isn’t enough, I can just use my card. Sweet!
The bus began to move, the radio came on with a really nice song {I don’t know the name of the song} and I was practically on cloud nine. I began to look around. You know the writer in me is inquisitive and curious, I couldn’t help myself. I noticed that the floors were clean, everyone looked satisfied, comfortable, happy sef. And then I said to myself, “self, it’s good that man in uniform stopped the driver and me when he did. Or else I would have missed this trip”
And so, that’s how God turned a bad situation into a good thing. I just knew the devil couldn’t succeed in destroying my day when God’s got me.
Why don’t you mention in the comment below how God turned a bad situation into a good one, or how you experienced something bad but something good came out of it. Everyone has that testimony, don’t be shy to share.